Last modified: 7:58 AM Saturday, 14 January 2017

Hello, and welcome ‘backstage’

We bid you welcome to, a site which you are invited to tour at your own risk. Our “grand opening” has not yet occurred, and you will have to conduct your own “backstage tour,” circumventing as you do so dress rehearsals still in progress. You may have to avoid tripping over scattered props, and there are some places where the floor hasn’t been built yet (or at least pages with navigation links leading to them don’t yet exist), and many planned services aren’t yet installed or don’t work as they ultimately will.

All of this is our own fault. We had intended to construct this site entirely out of the public ken until it reached a satisfactory state of completion, meanwhile keeping only “Coming soon” pages at the top of each subdomain. Google was never intended to index our pages, nor the world to be able to find them.

But we made a crucial mistake: We invited friends and family — oh, yes, and interested parties from — to examine some individual pages, foolishly thinking we could do that without the search engines getting wind of it.

That, however, is not how search engines work. Once a link is posted, even to a single page isolated from the top of its subdomain, the ’bots will find it, and will then follow internal navigation links to every page connected to it. So it has befallen that the “work in progress” that we meant to keep to ourselves until it was ready became exposed to the scrutiny of a planet — dress rehearsals, props, missing floors and all. And since there is no longer any purpose in suppressing it, we have now surrendered to reality and posted this introduction/warning atop each subdomain. These pages will be replaced in time with real introductions to the several classes of topics for which the respective subdomains were intended, but for now we can only beg your patience — and caution you to look out for holes in the floor.

Proceed if you will, and enjoy the tour if you can. But if you find yourself standing in the cellar, wondering how you got there, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Peace, liberty, unity, justice, equality
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